Re: Address bar searches (was: epiphany-list gnome org)

On 9/6/05, James Cloos <cloos jhcloos com> wrote:

> Ie, after using C-l to get to the bar and entering the search string
> you have to down-arrow past the history items to the "search google
> for" item in the drop-down window.
> That method prevents any privacy concerns while keeping the
> usability.

It doesn't keep any of the usability, IMO. Mozillas down-arrow system
is almost unusable for someone like me who searches a *lot*. It's just
plain ineffective, and it's also a bit unnatural to move hands to
arrows in the middle of typing. Vim ppl know what I'm talking about,
although I'm not really one of them. =) Firefox' separate bar was a
step in the right direction, and Epiphany took yet another step
forward towards easy usability (although, to to be honest I've had FF
configured this way for a long time).

> Incidently, mozilla's choice on this front is better than firefox's.

Here, our opinions truly differ. =) I think FF did a good move, but
not far enough.

> Making the search options additional entries via the history mechanism
> is better than wasting screen real-estate on a second bar just for
> searching.  Screen real-estate remains a precious commodity and should
> be conserved.

I agree that screen real estate is important, but not on the
conclusion. The history mechanism IMO is unwieldy enough as it is
(mainly due to overpopulation), and having search there too makes no
sense to me. And no, being able to press "up" instead is not really
any easier, it still breaks the flow.

A smart location bar - exactly what that means is still up for debate
- preserves screen real-estate, typists fingers and even the surfers
flow. IMHO, that is. =)

Kristoffer Lundén
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