Re: Address bar searches (was: epiphany-list gnome org)

I'm waiting on a d/l of the bug report (small straw and a large d/l
was already underway), but from what I gather epiphany is currently
doing what early version of mozilla did:  implicitly searching from
the address bar.

If so, the real solution is to do what current versions of mozilla
do: only explicit searching from the address bar.

Ie, after using C-l to get to the bar and entering the search string
you have to down-arrow past the history items to the "search google
for" item in the drop-down window.

That method prevents any privacy concerns while keeping the

Incidently, mozilla's choice on this front is better than firefox's.
Making the search options additional entries via the history mechanism
is better than wasting screen real-estate on a second bar just for
searching.  Screen real-estate remains a precious commodity and should
be conserved.

(From someone who currently uses 'zilla but is considering epiphany.)

James H. Cloos, Jr. <cloos jhcloos com>

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