Re: Garnome 2.10 + epiphany + epiphany-extensions problem

On Sat, 2005-19-03 at 11:00 -0500, Eric Moncrieff wrote:
> > Is there a Tools menu in the menubar? If so, there should be
> > Tools->Extensions where you can choose the active extensions.
> >
> There wasn't, but I think there is now.  Garnome did not configure the
> package correctly, i.e. it did not know that the configrue script
> needs an extra parameter, and didn't create it.  Thus, there were no
> extensions to compile, and it correctly didn't compile any.

There is a default set of extensions which should be built
when ./configure is called without parameters....

> Configuring, compiling and installing manually seems to have fixed the
> problem (though I can't really test it, as the computer with Garnome
> is at work, and Epiphany doesn't seem to like to run remotely over
> X11.  Any thoughts on that?).  

Epiphany runs fine for me over X11. However, if you have an instance of
Epiphany running on your local display before you connect remotely, all
new windows will also run on your local display. Quite often I just
"killall epiphany" after connecting; after all, when I start it up again
it'll open all my old windows anyway.


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