Re: Garnome 2.10 + epiphany + epiphany-extensions problem


Le vendredi 18 mars 2005 à 17:48 -0500, Eric Moncrieff a écrit :
> I have downloaded and compiled Gnome 2.10 from Garnome, which
> includes Epiphany.  I also compiled the "Epiphany Extensions" package,
> included in Garnome under the /geek-tools directory.  However, there's
> no evidence in Epiphany that there's any extension action to be had.
> Where would I look for extensions?  How do I use them?  Is there some
> GUI, or do I need to fire up some CLI tools?  Am I missing any
> packages?  Do you need any other information?

Is there a Tools menu in the menubar? If so, there should be
Tools->Extensions where you can choose the active extensions.

If Tools isn't there, what's the output of this command:
gconftool-2 --get /apps/epiphany/general/active_extensions
Does it include "extensions-manager-ui"? If it doesn't include that, try
adding this entry with gconf-editor (if the key doesn't exist at all,
everything should be fine).

Are the extensions installed in the right path? So, if garnome is
installed in ~/garnome, does the ~/garnome/lib/epiphany-1.6/extensions
directory exist and contain a bunch of .so and .xml files?


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