Re: Garnome 2.10 + epiphany + epiphany-extensions problem


Christian Persch <chpe gnome org> writes:
> Le vendredi 18 mars 2005 à 17:48 -0500, Eric Moncrieff a écrit :
>> Where would I look for extensions?  How do I use them?  Is there some
>> GUI, or do I need to fire up some CLI tools?  Am I missing any
>> packages?  Do you need any other information?
> Is there a Tools menu in the menubar? If so, there should be
> Tools->Extensions where you can choose the active extensions.

There wasn't, but I think there is now.  Garnome did not configure the
package correctly, i.e. it did not know that the configrue script
needs an extra parameter, and didn't create it.  Thus, there were no
extensions to compile, and it correctly didn't compile any.

Configuring, compiling and installing manually seems to have fixed the
problem (though I can't really test it, as the computer with Garnome
is at work, and Epiphany doesn't seem to like to run remotely over
X11.  Any thoughts on that?).  

> If Tools isn't there, what's the output of this command:
> gconftool-2 --get /apps/epiphany/general/active_extensions

The output is now:


but before it was blank.

> Are the extensions installed in the right path? So, if garnome is
> installed in ~/garnome, does the ~/garnome/lib/epiphany-1.6/extensions
> directory exist and contain a bunch of .so and .xml files?

It is now.  There are also .la files.  

Thanks for the clues.  I believe that this works now, and I'll let the
Garnome guys know that they need to fix their Makefile.

Eric Moncrieff
eric at ping dot ca

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