Re: [Fwd: Epiphany, I love it!]

On Tue, 2005-01-04 at 22:07 +0100, xan wrote:
> About the integration issue, I think the obvious stuff is already done
> (GNOME-wide preferences, .desktop foo, etc, using GTK+ proper instead of
> faking it...).

I'd add password storage in gnome-keyring to this list.

>  I've always wanted nautilus to show some kind of feedback
> in the icons of files being downloaded, but AFAIK there's still no
> proper API to do this (and it's not that important really, just
> eye-candy). 

No, no, no, no, no. Don't limit yourself! Epiphany should be thinking of
things like this and, if there aren't hooks elsewhere in the desktop,
going out and implementing them there, or begging until they are
implemented, and then adding them to ephy.

Widen the gap- firefox can't match this kind of thing.

>  Maybe we could think about
> nice integration bits like those and make a list of them so they won't
> get lost after some time.

Absolutely. I'd do something similar with a prioritized, streamlined
list of firefox-parity features/UI improvements.


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