Re: [Fwd: Epiphany, I love it!]

El mar, 04-01-2005 a las 15:17 -0500, Bryan Clark escribi�> So I took everything that was discussed and made up a list [3] of items
> that I saw needed the most improvement.  Basically Epiphany has the
> burden of matching every firefox feature, in a better way, plus
> integrating so tightly with the desktop that it makes it firefox look
> like some strange 3rd party app.

Or rather, every nice feature that makes sense for a browser like
epiphany to have (I guess the list is much shorter this way).

About the integration issue, I think the obvious stuff is already done
(GNOME-wide preferences, .desktop foo, etc, using GTK+ proper instead of
faking it...). I've always wanted nautilus to show some kind of feedback
in the icons of files being downloaded, but AFAIK there's still no
proper API to do this (and it's not that important really, just
eye-candy). Also, someone suggested epiphany should show internal web
sites accessible via zeroconf using the gnome-vfs lib to find them (the
bug is #144969).

I think that's the kind of stuff that could really make epiphany shine,
and not a very long list of random features. Maybe we could think about
nice integration bits like those and make a list of them so they won't
get lost after some time.

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