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Wow, dunno how I missed it in its day, but this
is basically what I had in mind with the nautilus progress thing, very
nice mockup :)

El mar, 04-01-2005 a las 22:07 +0100, xan escribi� El mar, 04-01-2005 a las 15:17 -0500, Bryan Clark escribi� 
> > So I took everything that was discussed and made up a list [3] of
> > that I saw needed the most improvement.  Basically Epiphany has the
> > burden of matching every firefox feature, in a better way, plus
> > integrating so tightly with the desktop that it makes it firefox
> > like some strange 3rd party app.
> (...)
> Or rather, every nice feature that makes sense for a browser like
> epiphany to have (I guess the list is much shorter this way).
> About the integration issue, I think the obvious stuff is already done
> (GNOME-wide preferences, .desktop foo, etc, using GTK+ proper instead
> faking it...). I've always wanted nautilus to show some kind of
> in the icons of files being downloaded, but AFAIK there's still no
> proper API to do this (and it's not that important really, just
> eye-candy). Also, someone suggested epiphany should show internal web
> sites accessible via zeroconf using the gnome-vfs lib to find them
> bug is #144969).
> I think that's the kind of stuff that could really make epiphany
> and not a very long list of random features. Maybe we could think
> nice integration bits like those and make a list of them so they won't
> get lost after some time.
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