some features in 1.4.0 make Epiphany a bit harder to use than 1.2.x


Recently, I upgrade my Desktop to GNOME 2.8 by Debian's experimental
packages. After using it for about one week, it's the time to feed
back my opinions about the new Epiphany. Many features are so good,
but I want to say something I didn't like. :(

1. new tab's position
In 1.4, when middle click on a link, new tab are open as the last tab
instead of the one following the current. Maybe, you have discussed
this issue many times, but I still insist the old way. The new tab
opened by middle click is normally related with current page very
closely in its content, so we'd better to put them in the same group
or very close in the distance. And then, people can easily to figure
out the status of the new page (without scrolling the tab bar) and
switch to new tab very quickly.

2. the size of tab
I maxmized Epiphany window in 1024x768 screen. It only show 5 tabs by
default before the scroll button came out. If add one more tab,
epiphany only show me _4_ tabs (tab size became bigger when number of
tab are increased, so strange!) with two scroll buttons. This
extremely small number of tabs make the tab-bar a bit useless.
Actually, I think one or two words of the title with a favicon are
enough to indicate the page's content.

When we combine above two issues together, It's too hard to browse
webpages. I'm always busy to scroll left and right or select items in
the "Tab" menu. Even My mother was suffered with this pain and switch
back to firefox. Is this the correct usability?

3. can't open frame in new tab
Now, there is only one "Open frame" in context menu when right click
in a frame. It will use the current page instead of open a new tab.
Yes, sometimes, I could open a frame in new tab by middle click the
source link. But many websites are using JavaScript instead of static
HTML link. and with the sucessful of gmail, this would become more and
more popular. Then, the only way to open a frame into a full page is
"Open frame" in right-click menu. If I want to open more than one
frame link in full page, what I have to do is "click link -> open
frame -> duplicate tab -> go back -> click another link -> open frame
-> ...". Because no tab-duplicate function in epiphany by default, I
should expand it to "copy URL -> new tab -> paste". Oh, my god, too
hard to use. Should this feature become a small extension?

Thanks for your lovely work.

 Best Regards

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