Re: some features in 1.4.0 make Epiphany a bit harder to use than 1.2.x

On Sat, 2004-09-25 at 00:51 +1200, Carlos Liu wrote:
> 2. the size of tab
> I maxmized Epiphany window in 1024x768 screen. It only show 5 tabs by
> default before the scroll button came out. If add one more tab,
> epiphany only show me _4_ tabs (tab size became bigger when number of
> tab are increased, so strange!) with two scroll buttons. This
> extremely small number of tabs make the tab-bar a bit useless.
> Actually, I think one or two words of the title with a favicon are
> enough to indicate the page's content.

Can I ask for a little bit of clarification. Are you saying this:
 * When you created N tabs all were shown and there were no scroll
 * When you created N+1 tabs there were scroll buttons, but only N-1
   tabs are shown.

If this is what you see, then the behaviour of the tabs and scroll
buttons is (probably) correct and there is no bug here (except maybe
that the tabs are too big by default).

There *is* a bug if this next description matches what you observe:
 * When you create N tabs there are scroll buttons, and M tabs are
   shown (where M < N).
 * When you create N+1 tabs there are scroll buttons, and M-1 tabs are

Can you clarify? Thanks,

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