Re: some features in 1.4.0 make Epiphany a bit harder to use than 1.2.x

On Sat, 2004-09-25 at 00:51 +1200, Carlos Liu wrote:
> Hello,
> Recently, I upgrade my Desktop to GNOME 2.8 by Debian's experimental
> packages. After using it for about one week, it's the time to feed
> back my opinions about the new Epiphany. Many features are so good,
> but I want to say something I didn't like. :(
> 1. new tab's position
> In 1.4, when middle click on a link, new tab are open as the last tab
> instead of the one following the current. Maybe, you have discussed
> this issue many times, but I still insist the old way. The new tab
> opened by middle click is normally related with current page very
> closely in its content, so we'd better to put them in the same group
> or very close in the distance. And then, people can easily to figure
> out the status of the new page (without scrolling the tab bar) and
> switch to new tab very quickly.

This was a deliberate change. Don't ask me why - I didn't particularly
like it either. You can install the tab grouping extension from the
epiphany-extensions package if you'd like to get this behaviour back in
1.4. Please note that you may need to build epiphany-extensions manually
at this point, until Epiphany gets an extensions management dialog; the
tab-grouping extension isn't built by default.

> 2. the size of tab
> I maxmized Epiphany window in 1024x768 screen. It only show 5 tabs by
> default before the scroll button came out. If add one more tab,
> epiphany only show me _4_ tabs (tab size became bigger when number of
> tab are increased, so strange!) with two scroll buttons. This
> extremely small number of tabs make the tab-bar a bit useless.
> Actually, I think one or two words of the title with a favicon are
> enough to indicate the page's content.
> When we combine above two issues together, It's too hard to browse
> webpages. I'm always busy to scroll left and right or select items in
> the "Tab" menu. Even My mother was suffered with this pain and switch
> back to firefox. Is this the correct usability?

.. And this pretty much sums up why I didn't like the removal of tab

Justin Wake

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