4 requested features


First of all, thank you for the simplicity of the web browser. For this 
reason, it's a fast application. I like ephiphany very much, but I think that 
it need some extras:

1) Can you put "view the source" in the right-button of mouse menu in the 
page. Perhaps some people use it frequently.

2) Secondly, when we have more tabs, it's not easy to go to the first or to de 
last. Can you put something in the menu of Tabs?.

3) Perhaps, it were good to have a displaying menu for an specific tab (ala 
Galeon or ala firefox). When you click with right-button of the mouse into 
some tab, a menu appears:

"Close tab"
"Separate tab"

It could be useful for lazy people who not wants to go to Tab menu. And 
perhaps do the webbrowser more faster to use.

The ideal were that the tab menu and the "page menu" (right click on the 
current page) were editable, as toolbar is. Surely, it need more code to 
implement, but I think that the result were very interesting. More people use 
epiphany for the simplicity of editing toolbar and the possibility of having 
more than one.

4) Finally, I think thet "Close all except this tab" could be in the Tab menu.

With all my hopes,

PS: A desktop user.

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