Re: 4 requested features

* Xan <DXpublica telefonica net> [Oct 08, 2004 17:10]:
> 1) Can you put "view the source" in the right-button of mouse menu in
> the page. Perhaps some people use it frequently.

Ctrl+U is for them.

> 2) Secondly, when we have more tabs, it's not easy to go to the first
> or to de last. Can you put something in the menu of Tabs?.

Alt+1 and Alt+n, for n < 10, where n is the number of tabs open in the

> The ideal were that the tab menu and the "page menu" (right click on
> the current page) were editable, as toolbar is. Surely, it need more
> code to implement, but I think that the result were very interesting.
> More people use epiphany for the simplicity of editing toolbar and the
> possibility of having more than one.

This should go into Gtk in that case.  I would like to see this as well;
menus are still too cluttered for my taste.  I'd even like a way to
remove the menu-bar completely.  That's what I do in firefox.  There are
issues with context-sensitive menu items though.

> 4) Finally, I think thet "Close all except this tab" could be in the
> Tab menu.

I never understood the point of that menu item.  What's the use case?
"And when the user has opened a bunch of tabs and finally found the link
they want, allow them to remove all but the one they wanted"?  It just
strikes me as an utterly useless command.

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