Re: 4 requested features

On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 13:10 +0200, Xan wrote:
> Hi,
> First of all, thank you for the simplicity of the web browser. For this 
> reason, it's a fast application. I like ephiphany very much, but I think that 
> it need some extras:

For the ones which have them, I'll propose some simple workarounds
(which in some cases work even better than what you suggest :)).

> 1) Can you put "view the source" in the right-button of mouse menu in the 
> page. Perhaps some people use it frequently.

Press Ctrl-U. Alternatively, install the mouse-gestures extension and
gesture an "s" or "up-right-down".

> 2) Secondly, when we have more tabs, it's not easy to go to the first or to de 
> last. Can you put something in the menu of Tabs?.

I'd find this handy, too. I can't think of a decent user interface for
it, though. Where would the necessary buttons be? What would they look

> 3) Perhaps, it were good to have a displaying menu for an specific tab (ala 
> Galeon or ala firefox). When you click with right-button of the mouse into 
> some tab, a menu appears:
> "Close tab"
> "Separate tab"

"Right-click -> Close tab" instead of clicking on the tiny "x"? What a

To separate a tab, just drag it off the window.

> The ideal were that the tab menu and the "page menu" (right click on the 
> current page) were editable, as toolbar is. Surely, it need more code to 
> implement, but I think that the result were very interesting. More people use 
> epiphany for the simplicity of editing toolbar and the possibility of having 
> more than one.

That would be kind of interesting. However, the "page menu" probably
won't get that, since there are actually several different "page menu"s
-- one if you right-click on an image, another for a frame, another for
a link, another for an image which is a link, etc.

Have you looked into epiphany extensions? It's possible for extensions
to add to these menus. We'd just have to think of something worth
adding ;).

> 4) Finally, I think thet "Close all except this tab" could be in the Tab menu.

Drag the tab off the window then close the window.

> PS: A desktop user.

There's a reason for Epiphany developers' reluctance to implement every
suggested feature. If we did, we'd end up with a cluttered user
interface, which made it harder to do *everything*. Stick a new computer
user in front of Firefox and then Epiphany, you'll see what I mean :).

However, there is a nice extensions system for adding new features. A
"Close all except this tab" extension would be relatively easy to code,
for example. It could be a part of the "tabsmenu" extension, even.

Adam Hooper <adamh densi com>

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