Re: 4 requested features

4) Finally, I think thet "Close all except this tab" could be in the
Tab menu.

I never understood the point of that menu item.  What's the use case?
"And when the user has opened a bunch of tabs and finally found the link
they want, allow them to remove all but the one they wanted"?  It just
strikes me as an utterly useless command.

I use this quite a lot in Galeon, usually I have just one tab open, and if I'm looking for something in google, I'll search in that tab, thenmiddle click (opening the link in the background) on all the interesting looking links. Then I'll click through all the links opened until I find one with the info I want, then just use this menu item to close everything else.

Dragging the tab off and closing the original window doesn't really cut it, as my browser window is maximized on one of my monitors, so I would have to drag it off, close the other window, then re-maximize the new window.

Thats the use-case, however I agree with Adam that this would be simple (trivial ?) in an extension, and thats probably the best place for it. Roll on ephy 1.6 with a UI to add / disable extensions :-)


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