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On Mon, 2004-11-15 at 01:14 +0100, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> To follow up with some discussion topics, in random order:

Here is the list I had for Epiphany roadmap items (sorry this is late).

* Online / Offline / Changing mode

	While NetworkManager or netapplet aren't in GNOME yet we need to start
looking at the integration of a GNOME wide offline / online mode that E
can take advantage of.  We need to show the states of Online/ Offline/
Changing to explain [1] why the web isn't working or is taking a long

* Popups blocking

	Sure we do this, but firefox has the discoverability advantage that we
need.  On the first block we need to show people that we can provide
popup blocking and what it looks like when they are blocked from a site.

* bookmark sync

	We should be able to do this almost automatically.  I've seen Firefox
users rave about the ability to sync their bookmarks on different
systems.  We have gnome-vfs and opentalk, it should be as simple as
"Synchronize my bookmarks with my other system", find said system and E
takes care of the rest.

* Add blocker

	Another on the list of Firefox cherry picking.  Most of the arguments
for Firefox is the "It has so many more features", but I argue that most
of those features are actually crap.  F has a few features that have
made it to the top and many people use, Epiphany should take those
features and integrate them in smarter way.

* Downloader

	We need to be smarter about this, doing something similar to Mac Finder
might be nice.  We need more discussion and ideas on simplifying the
download of files.  I like the Finder (open up nautilus and watch
progress on the file downloading from the file browser) approach, which
gives the end goal and the progress as it is downloading. [2]

I believe that's my entire list right now. Any comments?

~ Bryan


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