Re: [Epiphany] epiphany toolbar/bookmarks

On Fri, May 30, 2003 at 12:42:26PM +0200, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:

 > 4 Interesting. I see lot of people on gnomedesktop complaining about
 > it and some others saying that they started to use bookmarks only
 > with epiphany. What are people complaining about ?

 * Adding bookmarks is not easy in the non-trivial case.

   I want to bookmark something and assign it to topic T2 which does not
   exist yet.  I have to open the bookmarks window, create a new topic,
   close that window and then file -> add bookmark and select the newly
   created topic.

 * Currently managing large collections of bookmarks is cumbersome.

   To keep it short: it's too slow.  It searches as I type, which
   degrades interactivity.

   Searching itself is not easy.  I know I have a bookmark about X but
   I'm not sure what I called it.  I browse the topic list and I see
   topic T0 which might be related to X.  The set is still too large.
   Topic T1 is also related to that, but there doesn't seem to be a way
   to display the intersection of T0 and T1.

   I want to add already existing bookmarks to this newly created topic

        Bookmarks window -> Search bookmark -> Properties -> Check topic
        in the topics list.

   That's ok for one bookmark, but if you are dealing with several of
   them the task is painful.  It's not as far fetched as you might
   think.  Consider this: when you start bookmarking you have a little
   set of topics because it does not make sense to bookmark something
   and assign it to five different topics if the only entry in those
   five topics is this one bookmark.  At some point your list of
   bookmarks grows big and you start assigning more topics to already
   existing bookmarks to make them easier to find.  Presto.

 Wish: an easy way to see "related" bookmarks.  I have a bookmark B0
 with topics T0, T1 and T2 (all of them are very orthogonal).  I'm
 looking at T0.  In order to find out that B0 is in T1, too, I have to
 look at its properties and scroll thru the list of topics until I
 notice that T1 is also checked.  Now I have to search for T1 in the
 topics list and select it in order to see which other bookmarks are
 related to B0.

 > - Searches are currently not very "rich", so if you have 2000
 > bookmarks, it can be hard to find them. But on the long time a
 > database approach is obviously the best also for people with so many
 > bookmarks.

 With a large collection there's another problem: the list of topics is
 also potentially large.  Just finding a topic is in itself a difficult
 task.  I'm not sure if there's a solution for this problem (other than
 just "that's your problem, think of better topics" -- well, I'm not a
 librarian, ook?)

 > The solution is clear here ihmo. Have more metadata on the bookmark
 > (for example keywords).

 For example?


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