Re: [Epiphany] Re: ui improvement requests

On Thu, 22 May 2003 11:37:14 -0400, David Adam Bordoley wrote something resembling:
> It definately comes in handy when reading large html documents on the web
> for instance the HIG.
ok, i'm only speaking for myself here.  but using the mouse for anything
but pasting urls is basically unthinkable for me.  i try not to use my
mouse at all, as i'm rapidly getting RSI from it.  anyway, just a
thought...before we decide that IE is what we want to simulate.  i know
the aim of this project is for users to easily come from a windows + IE
environment (as is the aim of GNOME in general it seems), and that is
fine.  but it's like the Abiword and wv projects that allow users to
edit Word documents; it's great for easing the transition, but there is
better technology available (DocBook or LaTeX anyone?).  i believe that
this "we need to be more like windows" way of thinking in the un*x
desktop development really hurts many of the people who actually use and
depend on it.

finally, one way of looking at the middle-click debotchery is:
	users coming from IE will expect autoscrolling behavior (if
	they haven't yet worked with other applications, where strangely
	their clipboard gets pasted instead and they are mightily
	confused) and thus it should be the default; users wanting the
	'sane' and 'correct' way of the middle-click know about GConf
	and secret preferences and so they may change the behavior if
	they desire.  But, for everyone's sake, at least _document_ them
	in some Advanced Usage section in the manual!

i hope i haven't added fuel to the flame, but i felt i wanted to say
something about it, as i care deeply for the future of this project.


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