RE: [Epiphany] Re: Font Selection

>fre 2003-05-16 klockan 06.24 skrev Sajith V.K:
>> Hi,
>> >Is there a *good* reason that epiphany has separate font selection from
>> >the rest of GNOME ?
>>     gnome-i18n is not to just support local language in Graphical interfaces,
>But it should provide other spports too, like displaying web-sites in tocal
>language. Hence when epiphany moves away from gnome standard it creates
>lot of problem to  people like us. We should discuss about the issue  and
>formulate a common way to face it. For Malayalam(ml) currently we are not
>planinig to support epiphany.

Sajith, we are not moving away from GNOME standard, but rather trying to
use GNOME default fonts.
One of the issues was that gnome does not provide a way to set fonts per
encoding, while mozilla and mozilla based browsers does, I wondered if that
was going to cause i18n problems. That's why I asked menthos.

I guess this is just a misunderstanding.


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