[Epiphany] Re: How to add new smart bookmark

Points well taken.  If a page of smart bookmarks is created somewhere,
perhaps we could drop in a link to a note describing how to set up your
own such page.  A cut-and-paste template would be handy.


On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 22:00, David Adam Bordoley wrote:
> Ryan Boren writes: 
> > As David mentions, you can create a webpage of smart bookmarks.  You can
> > save home:smartbookmarks and then edit that to get going. 
> > 
> > That said, being able to click "New Smart Bookmark" in the Bookmarks
> > editor would be nice.  However, its audience would indeed be limited. 
> > 
> That is a crucial point here. Epiphany's target audience is end users. Smart 
> Bookmarks are basically an implementation detail, that we shouldn't expose 
> to users imo (they ought to just work). New Smart Bookmark and even New 
> Bookmark would force users to further develop an understanding of urls which 
> seems unnecessary to me at least. (I very much like the fact that epiphany 
> has reached the point where users pretty much never need to use web 
> addresses). 
> > One thing we might want to do is show the Smart Location in the
> > Properties dialog for a smart bookmark.  Currently, you can change the
> > Location but not the Smart Location.  If you change one you probably
> > want to change the other.  If there's any interest in this, I can create
> > a patch that shows a "Smart Location" field in the Properties dialog if
> > 
> Well it would be smart address (well pretty soon will be:_) ) but again this 
> would be exposing implementation details to the user. I'd much rather 
> include a link to a database of smart bookmarks that we can maintain and 
> that users can visit to add any they might want. 
> > I use smart bookmarks for driving various web queries on our company
> > intranet, so making them a little easier to create would be helpful. 
> > 
> > Ryan 
> > 
> I sympathize with you here. I guess the way I look at it is you can probably 
> include at most around 5-7 smartbookmarks until you make the autocompletion 
> list just too long, so the the amount of use  a "New Smart Bookmark" is 
> pretty low.  I'd suspect that most users would have no clue how to create a 
> smart bookmark anyway (most users don't even understands URLS at all). 
> On the other hand we probably should provide an easier way for admins to 
> customize the default bookmark set. Right now its done in code, which while 
> easy to implement, is somewhat of a pain for distributors and admins. 
> dave 

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