Re: [Epiphany] Tabs Jump To pref

On Fri, 2003-05-02 at 19:00, Lee Willis wrote:
> "David Adam Bordoley" <> writes:
> > <potentially flammable> Does anyone actually use the Jump To tabs
> > pref? In my experience most tab lovers actually prefer the
> > epiphany/phoenix style load tabs in the background behavior. If no one
> > pipes up the pref will probably be removed, so if you use this
> > feature, speak now or forever hold your peace. </flame> dave
> I don't use it - I prefer the default. While we're at it I'd[1] also
> consider removing the "Open popups in tabs" as it's a poor substitute
> for proper pop-up management[2]. This then leaves you with only one
> option - which could then probably sit under "General" or "Appearance"
> meaning you could get rid of a whole preferences tab!

I'm considering phoenix like popup management, but not enabled by
If we go for that I think we should remove the UI page (that I didnt
like in first place) and add a security page. Tabs options (Open in tabs
by default and maybe Jump to) could be moved to Advanced.
The security page would be more or less like:


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