Re: [Epiphany] Tabs Jump To pref

Daniel Borgmann <> wrote:

> The other case is that you want to go straight to the new page but for
> some reason you want to keep the current page open (for example because
> it's slow to load or you are currently editing something in a form).
> Does this exception really happen so often that it's worth to have a
> preference with all it's drawbacks (not beeing able to load pages in the
> background anymore)? I wouldn't think so, considering that it only takes
> you one extra click in those situations.

I use it on a consistant basis, every day.. ebay is the big one I can think
of. I middle-click a link because I want to read it now. And because when
I'm done, I want to just close it, not press back and RE-RENDER the page I
was previously at.

> Maybe it would make more sense
> to come up with some kind of shortcut to directly jump to the new tab
> instead so users can have this functionality without sacrificing any
> other functionality (and without getting into the way of people who just
> don't care). Something like shift+middleclick or something smarter.

There will need to be a preference then for how middle-click behaves.


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