Re: [Epiphany] Tabs Jump To pref

Christian Rose <> wrote:

> > Is it fscking up other code or features?
> Please read if you
> haven't. It's even linked directly from the Epiphany homepage.

I keep seeing these articles come up.. But do they take into consideration
that users will eventually become more familiar with the software they're
using, and mabey decide to change the way it works a bit, to be more
effeciant in the way they work. I think that's why many features/prefs
were written in the first place. There was some demand by seasoned users
for features/prefs. Idealy a new user will climb that learning curve
and decide the same. So is it worth taking out powerful features and 
behavior configurablity, when it's well noted that some will benefit from
those very things?

One reason people upgrade their software is to receive new features,
among other things (bugfixes..) Should any upgrade of Epiphany be 
essentialy a downgrade in usability, configurability, etc.

The articles only consider a first encounter with software. After all, I
think some or most of us have mastered vi, emacs or some other piece of
overly complicated software. Didn't get there by having the authors dumb
down their software. It's NOT an excuse for poor preference defaults or
poor UI implimentation, but I think it's a good point.


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