[Epiphany] Some more input about bookmarks

So Matthew Thomas sent me some thoughts about bookmarks.
(The main problem is still multiple topics against single topic ...
I wonder if it's not better to stay on the safe side and start doing the
simpler thing. Maybe we will not miss multiple topics ... dunno.)

1.  I think the ability to add a bookmark to more than one `topic', when
    you first create the bookmark, would be more confusing than useful.

2.  `Add a bookmark to the collection' probably should be `Add

3.  `Add a New Topic' should be `New Topic...', since it requires
    further input after you've clicked the button.

4.  Why `topic'? What percentage of people arrange all their bookmarks
    by topic? Is it really desirable to try and increase this
    percentage, by using the word `topic' rather than `folder'? Back
    when I used bookmarks at all (before I started relying on Google
    instead), I had Daily, Weekly, and Monthly folders for bookmarks I
    visited that often. They weren't `topics'.

5.  The bookmark list should have column headers for Name and Address.
    Not only would this mean I could search by URL fragment, as well as
    title, it would also make the two panes look less lopsided.

6.  If the search field filters the bookmarks you see in the list, it
    should be above the list rather than below it.

7.  How does the search interact with the folder list? Does it make a
    new temporary pseudo-folder called `Search Results'? (It may be
    useful to provide the ability to save such a folder permanently.)

8.  Apart from the two-pane thing, the bookmarks editor should look and
    work pretty much the same as a folder in the file manager. For
    example, there should be a `File' menu containing New..., Open,
    Rename..., Info etc items. And removing a bookmark should send it to
    Nautilus's Trash.


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