Re: [Epiphany] "I feel lucky" preference on Address bar

Il dom, 2003-06-29 alle 11:34, Marcelo E. Magallon ha scritto:
> On Fri, Jun 27, 2003 at 06:02:01PM +0200, Gavrila wrote:
>  > I think you misunderstood what I wrote. Since this project born to
>  > give a REALLY simple but powerful browser, one of the line of devs is
>  > to not implement gui options to configure "tweaky" things. And that's
>  > fine for me, just because that's why they decided to fork from
>  > galeon. The question indeed I was asking is: why to negate the
>  > possibility to 'hack' these settings when someone is able to?
>  Having to "hack" the settings/preferences in is just as wrong.  While
>  gconf is in general a good idea, it's prone to be abused in this kind
>  of way.  What is the reason, from a HCI point of view, for making
>  something that's, no matter how you look at it, a _user_ preference
>  _not_ configurable in an accesible way?

Since I don't think (and really don't know, so I apologize if I'm wrong)
that options like "how to treat non-url things typed in addressbar" are
hard coded in epiphany, but  instead I think they're still relying on
the mozilla-way (and this is showed by all files .js in
~/..../epiphany/), letting someone cofigure a preference in a
non-accessible way, means not putting other not simple-for-user options
in the gui (and this is a project aim ), but at the same time, it gives
freedom to those who want it. The question I made was simple: "I found
what to change, I know how to change it, why I'm not entitled to do it?"

>  > I mean: the young and inexpert user, won't be able to tweak anything
>  > and since the gui is clean and simple it will be all "click 'n' go",
>  > but the expert user will know where to go to tweak and configure as
>  > his taste says.
>  Yesterday the reason for this behaviour dawned upon me.  "blank:"
>  reads:
>     You can start browsing web pages either by typing a web address
>     (example: or a search phrase (example: best computer
>     shop) in the address entry and then pressing the Enter key. [...]
>  Now try this: type "holiday inn" in the location bar.  Presto, you are
>  taken to an extremely obscure URL but it's probably the "right" one.
>  In other words, if you type the common name for an admitedly wide range
>  of things (companies and organizations particularly, and persons to a
>  lesser extent), it "just works".  In plaintext: you are getting rid of
>  that "unintuitive" URL thing and are replacing it with something
>  "normal" people can understand.

I'm not saying this should be disabled by default.. absolutely! I'm
saying totally another thing: why, if I don't like it, and it's not a
problem changing it, cannota I change it?

>  What this means is that you have drawn an extremely thick line between
>  so-called power users and what Gavrila calls "young and inexpert".  You
>  start with the assumption that these "young and inexpert" users not
>  only do not want to learn, but they are incapable of it.

I would think that inexpert users willing to learn how to change a
preference hidden in a pref.js file, will find the way the same way I
did... I can't figure out how what I wrote could be similar to what are

>   If you can't
>  see why that's wrong I won't waste my time trying to make it clear to
>  you.
>  > What do you think about this?
>  Honestly?  I think it's bull.

honestly I'd rather think you could be a little more pleasant. we're
just discussing about things (at least I am). Isn't this list intended
for such these things also?
 I'm not looking for positive opinions only, but being a little bit
politer wouldn't waste.

>  Marcelo

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