Re: [Epiphany] "I feel lucky" preference on Address bar

Il ven, 2003-06-27 alle 13:31, Edd Dumbill ha scritto:

> Take a look at
> There's a patch to fix this, but Dave didn't want to make the change. 
> Maybe if it's important to more people he might reconsider.


Id' like to share my poin of view  with you: As I'm able to understand
the less u can configure in Epiphany the better it is for project aims.
Ok, that's born to provide non-expert users a simple but powerful
browser. What's wrong in letting experienced user tweak their
configuration? I think for example that I feel lucky feature is really
annoing (do I miss a 'y'? :P) and I think either that bookmarklets or
whatever aren't as simple as typing a keyword and pressing enter,so why
shouldn't I be able to change this, 'tweaking'? 


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