Re: [Epiphany] Statusbar

On Wed, 2003-06-18 at 11:20, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> > I think this the most logical idea. I did not mean specifically an
> > inclusion in the regular options menus. The Gconf way is definitely the
> > correct way to house these advance/admin type options. It would allow
> > the inclusion of a more finegrained UI control without confusing regular
> > users and cluttering up the  regular options interface. As long as the
> > ability to control things like visibility of tabs/toolbars etc is there,
> > moving it to a more advanced area would not, I believe, have many
> > opponents.
> Hope you dont mind I readd ephy dev on cc.
> I'll just add that the main problem here is thinking to generic requirements and
> build a spec of how this should work. The code is easy.
> So, if someone wants to work on spec/requirements will speed this a lot.
> Marco

I could help to do this if no one minds/is more qualified for this. I'd
really like this part of Epiphany to progress, and so I could come up
with some generic overview of the full screen/toolbar control issue and
what is required in terms of control/configuration from a
user's/administrator's point of view. I'll go through the current
conversation as well as integrate any specific suggestions any one might
have regarding this issue in the future. Obviously I'm not saying that
whatever I come up with is in any way binding or should even be used but
I hope that it would be helpful enough for the developers to get their
minds around what actually needs to be done. 

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