[Epiphany] Open letter to the obtuses team

We are all a bit demotivated by the level of flames we are raising on
gnomedesktop (and not only there).I'm sure I'm not the only one that was
tempted to give up in these latest days.

But then I realized it was a pity to waste everything now.
We have a common vision and we are all working on it. We have showed
several times to be able to discuss problems constructively and to come
to good decisions. We are trying to do things the hard way and even if
that sometimes can cause regressions, I'm convinced it's worth the pain.
Have a look to NEWS file and notice how much we progressed lately !

Flames like this has ever been part of galeon development. First GConf
port, than mouse wheel prefs, then the simplication of the interface I
did for Galeon2. When I was inside them it was very hard to keep up in
the direction I choosed: unless you are completely selfish, flames make
hard to even trust yourself.
But if we now look back, is there any doubt that it was worth ?
Galeon 2 was already a good milestone but I was still not completely
happy with it. Epiphany is the next important step.

I dont think we should let pointless, insulting feedback discourage us.
We are making great progresses in the direction we choosed and it's
worth to keep up with them.
We did our homework before removing prefs or redesigning parts of the
interface. Frankly I believe we should pretend the same from the others,
before we listen at them.
We already showed to be quite responsive about criticism based on good
rationale (see the bookmarks menu or the smartbookmarks discussion).

I believe we have a great opportunity, and it would be a pity to waste
it. We have a good base, a common vision and very clued people
interested in helping us. Certainly building a simple browser is not an
easy challenge, especially in the free software community. But the
context and the good work we did until now, convince me that it's worth
to keep trying it. It's not guaranteed that we will succeeded, but we
have a good chance.

Finally, dont listen at childs too much, just enjoy the fun of building
something you can be proud of :)

I wrote this mail because I feel in debt with people that build a
browser I can finally use with satisfaction. Thanks guys, you teached me
so much !


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