[Epiphany] bookmark bar / smart bookmark bar

Has there been any discussion(that I've missed/overlooked) or would
there be any objection to splitting the bookmark bar and smart bookmark
bar into two bars.  Maybe doing it automatically (not offering a choice
so if it is a smart bookmark it goes on a new bar, otherwise it goes on
the main bookmark bar).  Since smart bookmarks take up so much more
space it is real easy to have them run off the end.  If you have 4-5
frequently visited links on the bookmark bar and then add 4-5 smart
bookmarks they don't fit on one toolbar.  

I've tried to think of/find ways to reduce the space needed, however it
becomes hard and for peole not running high res it must be impossible. 
I've got accustomed to the not have a duplicate (smart)bookmark (e.g. a
book mark to freshmeat's main page and a smartbookmark to search
freshmeat) which does save some space.  However the other sites I don't
search so I still have a lot of room used.   

There is the possibility of putting an "image" with the smart
bookmark(instead of text) like galeon.  I like for it's visual appeal
and it does save some space, however I don't think it will save enough
as I still have a seperate bookmark bar in galeon too.

Anyone else have any thoughts comments on it?


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