[Epiphany] a few comments

Hi all

Just installed the 0.7.0 release and I gotta say Epiphany is getting
more usable every day. Thanks for all the hard work.

However, there are some comments that I have that I think some other
people might agree with and I hope they could be useful. 

1.It's a little annoying [as it is in most other browsers] to have the
bookmark editor open a whole new window. It might be a little easier to
have some kind of integrated drop down or some other built in window to
edit your bookmarks.

2.The current way to have a link show up in the bookmark toolbar seems
somewhat complicated and hard to find. Having to open the bookmark
editor and then notice the little check mark at the bottom took me a
long time to figure out. I would love it if I could drag and drop
links/fav icons from the address bar to the bookmark bar, or even whole
categories from the bookmark editor. 

3.Maybe I missed a setting or something but would it be possible to not
have a setting to disable the default display in tabs even when I have
only one window open? This is a personal setting that some may or may
not agree with but it would be nice if users had a choice in this. 
Mostly these are small suggestions but I think it's the small details
that make a program that much better to use. 


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