[Epiphany] Re: epiphany toolbar/bookmarks

Marco Pesenti Gritti writes: 

> In this case I think we should just allow users to put %s in the address property.
> For the normal address we could just use the site part of the url.
> (necessary for bookmarks toolbars, clicking the icon load the normal address). 
> The other way would be to have an Address and a Smart Address property. I fear
> it could be confusing for users that are looking to normal bookmarks
> (what is a Smart Address ?), maybe I'm exagerating ?

You could hide such info behind a disclosure triangle in the properties 
window. Few users (mostly the intermediate to advance ones) will use the 
properties window. Other info that could be shown in this advance disclosure 
area could be a comma seperated list of meta tags if we choose to add that 
feature as well. If enough "advance" properties are added, a seperate 
advance tab could be added. To be honest I would move address into the 
advance area as well. 


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