[Epiphany] Re: Wish: Drag favicon into Bookmarks to bookmark

Ralph Aichinger writes: 

> I just started to use Ephy and love it. One question though: 
> I am not sure if it is my Mistake, a problem with my build or
> a not implemented feature: When I open the Bookmarks window
> and try to drag a favicon from the main browser window
> into it (or into its folder structure), nothing happens. 
> Basically I think this is how bookmarking in a GUI should work
> , what else are favicons for? 

This is a gtktreeview dnd bug. Problem is that you need to first select the 
tree node and than drag it as two seperate actions. You should be able to 
click and drag as a single action. This comes up alot and marco was talking 
about stealing some code from nautilus to temporarily fix this for the 1.0 
release if gtktreeview isn't fixed. 


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