Re: [Usability] Re: [Epiphany] epiphany toolbar/bookmarks

> To me it's OK to have optional features that only advanced users will
> use; what's not OK is if important functionality is only usable by
> advanced users. (I don't know if that makes sense.)
> I get worried about an "advanced only" feature when it's a workaround
> for a UI problem, so people who aren't "advanced" are still stuck with
> the problem. Good advanced features add new functionality rather than
> "curing" some perceived breakage.

I very much agree with this approach. Additionaly I think it's good to
make sure such advanced features doesnt add too much ui clutter too and
they dont confuse "normal" users, not sure if it make sense.

> Seems like scripting/macro type of stuff, which is what smart
> bookmarks are, are usually add-ons rather than workarounds.
> I'd think if you have a set of example smart bookmarks, and put the %s
> maybe in a highlighted color, that anyone who's going to type in the
> location bar to begin with would probably be able to figure it out.
> It is bad to have a ton of "advanced features" where most of them are
> useless, but having a few genuinely significantly useful ones makes
> sense to me.

In this case I think we should just allow users to put %s in the address property.
For the normal address we could just use the site part of the url.
(necessary for bookmarks toolbars, clicking the icon load the normal address).

The other way would be to have an Address and a Smart Address property. I fear
it could be confusing for users that are looking to normal bookmarks
(what is a Smart Address ?), maybe I'm exagerating ?


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