[Epiphany] Wish: Drag favicon into Bookmarks to bookmark

I just started to use Ephy and love it. One question though:

I am not sure if it is my Mistake, a problem with my build or
a not implemented feature: When I open the Bookmarks window
and try to drag a favicon from the main browser window
into it (or into its folder structure), nothing happens.

Basically I think this is how bookmarking in a GUI should work
, what else are favicons for?

Please excuse me if this is a problem with my setup (Ephy
0.61 from Debian unstable), but I really think this feature
should go in before Gnome 2.4, as it adds a very Gnomey
way to do things and does not add clutter.

/ralph -- otherwise I love Ephy. It is so HIG compliant, it
           is outright scary ; )

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