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Hello all,

Roberto Rosselli Del Turco wrote:

> With a topic based bookmark system, OTOH, you introduce an abstraction
> level that *could* be not well received both by the newbie and the power
> user, for very different reasons. This is my humble opinion and I'm
> probably wrong, still with Epiphany going to be GNOME 2.4 default
> browser better be sure ...

>> But talking with other people that try to watch real users seem to
>> confirm this situation. I dont have money or time to do real user
>> tests... so this sort of observations are the only data on what I can
>> base my analysis.

Right, so we don't have the resources to conduct user tests. What we *can*
do, however, is try to base ourselves on existing research! I did a little
literature searching (praise be on Citeseer!) and found some papers that
are more or less relevant to the issue at hand. I suggest we read them all
before continuing the discussion...

(I haven't had the time to study them extensively so I'm not going to put 
forward any of my own conclusions w.r.t. this issue yet.)

Here are the links:

Enjoy the read =)

Reinout van Schouwen

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