Re: [Epiphany] Thoughts on Epiphany

On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 08:41, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> > * When saving files, I'd like the option to have Ephy remember whether I
> > want to save or open a particular MIME type.  ie: If I'm grabbing a
> > bunch of RPMS, I'd never hit "open" - so I have to hit Save over and
> > over and over.  Big PITA. :-)   This, of course, does provide a bit of a
> > UI problem with regards to turning the "remember" feature *off*... 
> > Thoughts??
> Dunno. I certainly dont want the mime editor back. If we find a better
> solution it may be worth.'

I like this idea based on principle. It would be nice if a user could
just download files and not have to choose the location to save to (via
a file selector, eech i hate file selectors). However I'm not convinced
that doing this within epiphany is the right solution. There has been a
lot of discussion on the gnome desktop-devel list about standard folders
etc. including default download folders. Perhaps this is more a
gnome-wide issue. 

> > * some form of built-in search bar.  The current method of having the
> > address bar do double-duty as a search bar is a bad idea, IMHO.  It's
> > confusing and inconsistent.  Something like Galeon's smart bookmarks or
> > Phoenix and Safari's google bar would be better.  If the latter is used,
> > I'd love to see a way to integrate more than just google searches,
> > though, so one could do queries of Bugzilla, rpmfind, etc, too.  I'm not
> > sure if this could all be accomplished without crack-ifying the UI,
> > though.
> For some reason I dont feel it confusing. I ever felt typing a keyword
> in the location entry a natural action. I dont think having a choice of
> search places make it worst. Anyway you are not the first pointing this
> out ... so I guess I need to reconsider it.
> My first plan was to implement it in a separate entry but there is
> really not enough space. Phoenix have smaller back/forward, location
> icon inside the entry and no spinner. Unless we manage to make toolbar
> layout more compact I dont think it's a good idea to add one more entry.
> I never used Safari, what's the diff between it and Phoenix about this ?

Of course you could always put the location bar below the toolbar as in
MS internet explorer, freeing the toolbar for the inclusion of other
tools (such as a search box).

> > * a "Privacy" tab in the preferences, to allow for some amount of
> > cookie/history/etc.  Something like the current Galeon 1.3.1 "Filters"
> > tab would do nicely.
> I plan that but I feel current galeon tab way too bloaty.

Sort of related to this, I was thinking that some sort of security
levels preference box would be nice. These prefs would allow the user to
taylor if epiphany pops up dialog when leaving/entering secure sights
etc. I'm willing to assume most users hate those dialogs and they should
just die anyway.


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