Re: [Epiphany] Thoughts on Epiphany

tor 2003-01-16 klockan 14.41 skrev Marco Pesenti Gritti:
> > * some form of built-in search bar.  The current method of having the
> > address bar do double-duty as a search bar is a bad idea, IMHO.  It's
> > confusing and inconsistent.  Something like Galeon's smart bookmarks or
> > Phoenix and Safari's google bar would be better.  If the latter is used,
> > I'd love to see a way to integrate more than just google searches,
> > though, so one could do queries of Bugzilla, rpmfind, etc, too.  I'm not
> > sure if this could all be accomplished without crack-ifying the UI,
> > though.
> For some reason I dont feel it confusing. I ever felt typing a keyword
> in the location entry a natural action. I dont think having a choice of
> search places make it worst. Anyway you are not the first pointing this
> out ... so I guess I need to reconsider it.

Actually, from watching actual users, the adress bar also working as a
search entry seems like an excellent idea. I've seen at least one novice
user who never used search engines in the past, and rarely found ways to
get to what he wanted, actually finding the stuff he's after now, just
by typing the keyword in the field. He never learnt that from someone,
he just found it out for himself (perhaps by accident), but it works, so
he always uses that now instead of typing cryptic addresses.

Perhaps people actually *looking* for, and are taught to use, a search
engine interface are confused by this, but I don't necessarily think
it's a bad idea just because of that. Combining the two removes extra
clutter and combines different ways of getting at the same information
into the same thing, and automatically does the right thing, which is
agood thing.


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