Re: [Epiphany] Re: Tabs options

On 31 Aug 2003, Mike wrote:

> > > My main gripe here, is that I cant see any overriding rational for the
> > > HIG to dictate the use of SDI, where it is  less usable than MDI/tabbed.

SDI is simpler and less complex for ordinary users.
MDI tabbed intefaces are more efficient for users that like to have many
windows open all at once.

The HIG is all about sensible defaults and the best possible anwser for
the most possible people.

The Gnome HIG is about providing a coherent and integrated desktop,
it is not about designing the best possible applictions for the specific
task in total isolation.

I'm sure Vi and Emacs are fabulously poweful applications much loved by
their users but they just dont do it for me as they require learning and
time investement I am unwilling to make.  I much prefer that my
applications try and keep things simple and follow along the lines of the
defacto Desktop standards.

An application or tool that does one thing really well is great if you are
going to be using it a lot, but if you are only using an application
infrequently (possibly so rarely that you virtually need to relearn it
every time you use it) then simplicity, ease of use, and quick
learnability are essential.

> > list, and in my opinion, the constant flood of messages to threads, such
> > as this, on the topic, are getting a little bit annoying.

which is why I hope this will be my last posting on this thread.

> This was really what I was getting at. Removing a very useful function
> (tabs) because the HIG says that MDI should not be used when, especially
> with the default WM, there is not a sensible alternative, is not the way
> to go.

I tend not to take the Human Inteface Guidelines too literally.  They are
after all generalised guidelines, not rock solid rules, there is plenty of
room for flexibility.  The best rules can always be made to bend :)

I am inclined to believe that Tabbed intefaces are not a good default but
that having them available is reasonable.

The way both Epiphany and Mozilla work you dont see the tabs by default
and you can treat it just as a simple Single Document Inteface if you
chose to do so.
I prefer to use an application as SDI by default but the option of Tabs is
certainly useful.  I hope that I can leave it at that.


Alan Horkan

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