[Epiphany] Unable to right click and Past in text input boxs v0.9.0


I've just upgraded from 0.8.0-2 to 0.9.2 from Debian sid, I'm unable to
right click and from the drop down menu choose paste in text input boxs,
the Copy option is there still, but the past seems to of vanished.

I can right click and choose paste in the URL box and also the google
search box.

This works in mozilla 1.4 and also Epiphany 0.8.0-2, but since upgrading
this has been lost, is this a bug with Epiphany or my Debian package?

If this is a bug, has any one else experienced this at all, as searching
the achieves doesn't seem to turn anything up.

Cheers in advance

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to steal ideas from many is research.

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