Re: [Epiphany] Tabs options

On Sat, 2003-08-30 at 08:56, Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:
> > May be being dense, where does the HIG frown on MDI?
> > Also "random window" would not be an issue if, as people like me want,
> > "open in tabs" is enforced. In addition I would think that the obvious
> > approach if more than one window is open, new tabs open in the first
> > window opened.
> "A multiple document interface presents a paned, tabbed or similar
> presentation of two documents within a single window. MDI has several
> inherent usability problems, so its use is not encouraged in new GNOME
> applications."
> And anyway if you ask suggestions on behavior of tabs to our usability
> people you get replies like "I'm not able to design things that
> shouldnt exist" ;)
> Marco

OK - didn't see this before (or hear of it which is surprising)

My main thoughts are

1. The HIG talks about "several inherent usability problems" - which

2. No mention of usability problems with SDI, which there are many,
keyboard navigation, screen space limits leading to too many mouse
clicks, more difficult to edit /view more than one file at the same

3. Tabbed browsing is THE main plus point quoted in favour of
galeon/mozilla/epiphany as opposed to ie

4. Just generally I hate SDI in applications, (wish OO, abiword,gnumeric
didn't do it)

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