Re: [Epiphany] error on startup

I can't confirm that particular RPM, but I can say that I saw the error when I installed epiphany from redhat's rawhide
on my fairly standard redhat 9 box. 

Recompiling the rawhide SRPM fixed the problem, as suggested, although
you'll want to make sure you have mozilla-nspr-devel installed (missing
BuildRequires lines in the SRPM:

Antti - sorry - no useful ideas from me besides the recompile...

On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 15:17, Ben Blackburne wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-08-21 at 22:07, Antti wrote: 
> > rpm -qa ORBit: ORBit-0.5.17-7
> > rpm -qa ORBit2: ORBit2-2.6.0-2
> > 
> > they are not ximian packages, right? Shouldn't there read ximian
> > somewhere?
> Yeah - they must be the standard Redhat packages. I note that there are
> a ton of other RPMs in the repository at
> Can anyone on the list confirm that this epiphany RPM works on vanilla
> redhat? Or do you need to install the ORBit2 package present in this
> repository?
> If, as I suspect, the case is the latter, then if you want to use this
> package you can best install it with apt, using Matthew Hall's
> repositiory, as detailed here:
> This should resolve the dependencies, however, you are going to end up
> upgrading a whole host of Gnome packages, and you may want to think
> twice about that.
> If you really do need to install a whole bunch of extra packages, should
> this link really be given on the Epiphany webpage as a "Redhat 9" RPM?
> Ben
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