RE: [Epiphany] possible enhancements?

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>From: paul <>
>To: Epiphany List <>
>Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2003 11:11:20 +0100
>Subject: [Epiphany] possible enhancements?
>hi there,
>i've noticed that there's no way of viewing the bookmarks tool from
>inside ephy (i have to use gnome programs menu).  i think it'd be pretty
>cool if we had "View"/"Bookmarks History" or something like that.

Maybe I'm not getting what you mean. Isnt that Bookmarks->Edit Bookmarks.

>another thing about the bookmarks tool.  the other day i had to use a
>windows box and i noticed that i.e had a nice sidebar tool for their
>history. it allows the users to view non-bookmarked sites that they've
>viewed recently.  so they can view bookmarks "From Today", "From
>yesterday", "From the last 2 days"..."Last 5 days" etc.  it seemed to be
>pretty useful for finding something that you forgot to bookmark.
>a feature like this in the bookmarks tool would be really cool, imo.

Sounds interesting, it's still unclear how bookmarks tool will evolve in
next release though, but I'll take the idea in consideration.
(Btw I really need to add that to our history)


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