RE: [Epiphany] possible enhancements?

On Sun, 2003-08-10 at 17:39, wrote:

> >i've noticed that there's no way of viewing the bookmarks tool from
> >inside ephy (i have to use gnome programs menu).  i think it'd be pretty
> >cool if we had "View"/"Bookmarks History" or something like that.
> Maybe I'm not getting what you mean. Isnt that Bookmarks->Edit Bookmarks.

Well, I think its a conceptual problem. I had the same issue a few days

I wanted to find a bookmark that wasn't in my Go menu, so I looked for a
"View Bookmarks" menu item. I saw there was an "Edit Bookmarks", but I
didn't want to edit them, I wanted to view them. I think the "Edit
Bookmarks" menu should be changed to "View Bookmarks" or something like
that because editing is a specialised case of viewing.

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