[Epiphany] possible enhancements?

hi there,
i've noticed that there's no way of viewing the bookmarks tool from
inside ephy (i have to use gnome programs menu).  i think it'd be pretty
cool if we had "View"/"Bookmarks History" or something like that.

another thing about the bookmarks tool.  the other day i had to use a
windows box and i noticed that i.e had a nice sidebar tool for their
history. it allows the users to view non-bookmarked sites that they've
viewed recently.  so they can view bookmarks "From Today", "From
yesterday", "From the last 2 days"..."Last 5 days" etc.  it seemed to be
pretty useful for finding something that you forgot to bookmark.
a feature like this in the bookmarks tool would be really cool, imo.

thanks for reading,
paul <appleseed-cast@breathe.com>

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