[Epiphany] Two issues...

Overall Epiphany is great, but two things bother me
with it.

First, when entering a URL, Epiphany will bring up a
list of previously visited sites with similar
names...on every other browser I've used I can then
press tab to cycle through them and pick the one I
want. Currently you have to use the down arrow with
Epiphany. I find tab to be much more convenient, and
every browser I've used except for Epiphany works this

Second, when using the Find dialog...escape does not
close the find dialog. This is another thing that I
have grown accustomed to in other browsers and is very
convenient. It allows you to search for something
without touching the mouse -- ctrl-F, type, enter
(repeat), escape.

Thanks for your work thus far...aside from the above
annoyances, Epiphany is the best browser I've had a
chance to use :)

-Nick Penwarden

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