[Epiphany] Re: systray applet?

paul hendrick writes: 

> first of all, an applet could have the option to keep mozilla in memory
> (similar to the feature on windows, which is sorely missed on linux, i
> feel).  this should be implemented either in the ephy prefs or as an
> applet.

This isn't really an issue i think. Basically the idea should be to speed up 
ephy and mozilla load time as much as possible. Memory management is the 
responsibility of the OS not the user imo. Also once mozilla and hence 
epiphany move to the gre this will be even less of an issue. 

> if you haven't disabled pop-ups in the prefs, the applet could change
> it's icon when a site opens a pop-up.  then you click on the applet and
> say "Deny popups from this site from now on" or something like that. or
> vice-versa if you *have* disabled pop-ups ("allow pop-ups from this
> site").

I think this should probably be done in the browser if done at all. Having a 
popup to disable popups is slightly odd too :P 

> of course, these could be a part of ephy, and not an applet, but applets
> make apps seem more integrated into the system, imo. 

I actually tink applets really are a sign of less system integration. 
Statust tray icons are a bit better though. 


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