[Epiphany] systray applet?

hi there, all!  this is my first post on the list, so if anything has
been discussed previously, i appologise (i did look at the archive..)
I know it may seem a bit overboard to have a panel applet, but i feel it
may be a useful addition.
first of all, an applet could have the option to keep mozilla in memory
(similar to the feature on windows, which is sorely missed on linux, i
feel).  this should be implemented either in the ephy prefs or as an
if you haven't disabled pop-ups in the prefs, the applet could change
it's icon when a site opens a pop-up.  then you click on the applet and
say "Deny popups from this site from now on" or something like that. or
vice-versa if you *have* disabled pop-ups ("allow pop-ups from this
of course, these could be a part of ephy, and not an applet, but applets
make apps seem more integrated into the system, imo.

thanks for reading.

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