[Epiphany] Re: [Usability]Epiphany default toolbar layout

<quote who="Jeff Waugh">

> One opportunity for removing stuff from the toolbars is the stop button.
> Safari has combined the Stop and Refresh buttons very nicely -> when would
> you want to refresh a page whilst downloading it? Approximately never. :-) I
> think this would be a good suggestion for our browsers, Nautilus and then
> the toolbar section of the HIG for future reference.

I like this idea very much.

I think while we're stealing things from Safari we could look into
stealing their progress bar as well.  This would remove the spinner by
default, but leaving it around for advanced users to add to their

The Safari progress bar for all of those who haven't seen it in action
does a highlight across the address bar starting from left to right,
highlighting the whole address bar when the page has finished loading.
It's a very easy to understand progress meter, plus it saves screen
realestate at the same time.

Here's a screen shot:

Note the blue color running through the address bar, that's the progress

By the way, Epiphany is looking great Marco!

~ Bryan

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