[Epiphany] mozembed widget

     This is about GTK widgets to embed Gecko/Mozilla.

The mozilla tree provides gtkmozembed. This has very limited functionality.

Galeon subclasses gtkmozembed and adds lots of functionality, but that 
widget is licensed under GPL.

I haven't looked at epiphany yet, nor am I aware of much of the motives 
behind it.

Does it use the same mozembed widget as Galeon?

If so, since the set of functionalities in gtkmozembed is somewhat 
arbitrary, did anyone ever consider integrating the code into 
gtkmozembed in the mozilla tree? If so, what were the hurdles? Only that 
  they wanted a more restrictive license? Or, is it possible to have the 
widget released under LGPL?

If not, can the epiphany mozembed widget be released under LGPL?

Thanks a lot,

ext Marco Pesenti Gritti wrote:

 > On Fri, 2003-04-11 at 14:24, Philippe Laporte wrote:
 >> Hi,
 >>      I haven't looked at Galeon source code.
 >> I am curious to know what GTK widget galeon uses to wrap Mozilla. 
Surely not bare gtkmozembed, since for example it does not have a 
zooming interface. So did Galeon write its own Gtk widget?
 >> If so, what is it's licensing terms?
 > We have wrote our subclass of gtkmozembed, adding functionalities like
 > the zooming interface. It's released under GPL.
 > Marco

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