[Epiphany] Re: mozembed widget

CC'ing the epiphany mailing list.

Philippe Laporte wrote:
> Hi,
>     This is about GTK widgets to embed Gecko/Mozilla.
> The mozilla tree provides gtkmozembed. This has very limited functionality.
> Galeon subclasses gtkmozembed and adds lots of functionality, but that 
> widget is licensed under GPL.
> I haven't looked at epiphany yet, nor am I aware of much of the motives 
> behind it.
> Does it use the same mozembed widget as Galeon?
> If so, since the set of functionalities in gtkmozembed is somewhat 
> arbitrary, did anyone ever consider integrating the code into 
> gtkmozembed in the mozilla tree? If so, what were the hurdles? Only that 
>  they wanted a more restrictive license? Or, is it possible to have the 
> widget released under LGPL?
> If not, can the epiphany mozembed widget be released under LGPL?
> Thanks a lot,
> Philippe

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